How to Replace the Water Pump in a Dodge Ram

by Contributor

If you are experiencing a strange noise or a leak coming from the water pump in your Dodge Ram, you should first replace the o-ring. If this does not solve your leaking problem, it is probably time to replace the water pump. The following will show you how to replace the water pump depending on the engine.

Step 1

Drain the fluid from the cooling system.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 3

Remove the clutch assembly and disconnect the wiring harness retainer from the water pump when working with either the 3.7L & 4.7L Engines. Also disconnect the lower hose. Remove the fan assembly and shroud and keep the fan clutch upright to keep the silicone fluid from leaking if you plan on reusing it.

Step 4

Take out the accessory drive belt, the lower radiator hose and the heater hose with the tube, the bypass hose and the water pump pulley when working with the 3.9L, 5.2L and 5.9L Engines.

Step 5

Remove the engine cooling fan as well as the coolant recovery bottle and washer bottle, the A/C compressor and alternator brace, the fan shroud, the idler pulleys, the radiator and heater hoses and the belt tensioner when working with the 5.7 engine.

Step 6

Take out the washer solvent bottle, the engine cooling fan and shroud, the upper radiator hose, the accessory drive bet, the lower radiator hose and heater hose, the water pump pulley and the bypass hose when working with an 8.0 engine.

Step 7

Remove the water pump and install the new pump, tightening the bolts to 18 foot pounds.

Step 8

Reinstall and connect the rest of the system in reverse order and reattach the negative battery cables.

Refill the cooling system and start the engine. When the engine gets to normal working temperature, check the system for leaks.


  • Disconnecting the negative battery cable may reset the onboard computer system or parts of the computer system, so be aware that you may have to reset certain settings.


  • Never store the fan clutch assembly in a horizontal position when working on your Dodge Ram, as silicone could leak into the bearing grease and cause contamination.
  • Never attempt to drain the radiator in your Dodge Ram when the engine is hot. The steam and the hot coolant within the radiator can cause serious burns.

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