How to Replace the Vent Valve Solenoid on a 2000 Silverado

by Jeremy Holt
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The vent valve solenoid is part of the evaporative emissions control system which absorbs fuel vapor from the fuel tank before it can be released into the environment. The vent valve opens to purge the vapors into the fuel system where they are burned in the combustion chambers. The system self-diagnoses when the engine is started, and any faults are reported to the vehicle's main computer. Replacing the vent valve solenoid in a 2000 Silverado is simple and straightforward.


Step 1

Park the Silverado on a flat surface. Block the front wheels, and then raise the rear of the truck with a jack. Place jack stands under the axle, and then lower the vehicle to rest securely onto them.

Step 2

Slide under the driver's side of the vehicle. The vent solenoid is mounted to a bracket that is level with the top of the fuel tank.

Step 3

Pull the electrical connector out of the end of the vent solenoid. Push the retainer tabs together that secure the hose to the solenoid, and then pull the hose off.

Step 4

Pull the plastic retainers apart that secure the vent solenoid to the bracket with one hand, and then pull it out of the bracket with the other hand and away from the vehicle.


Step 1

Push the new vent solenoid into the retainers on the bracket; when it is correctly seated it will click into position.

Step 2

Push the hose into the fitting on the vent solenoid and then push the electrical connector into the terminal.

Step 3

Start and run the engine; if the new solenoid is operating properly, the "Service Engine Soon" light should go out when the engine reaches normal operating temperature.

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