How to Change the Starter On A 1998 GMC Sierra

by Michael Dickson

The starter on the 1998 GMC Sierra is located on the passenger side behind the wheel well. It can be accessed from under the vehicle. The starter and solenoid itself are one piece, and often come with new wiring, however you should use the new wiring if you are experienced in electrical wiring. An experienced auto service repairman can remove, and replace a starter in the Sierra in about one to two hours.

1998 GMC Sierra starter removal

Step 1

Using a socket wrench, disconnect the negative battery cable. Bend the cable away from metal to prevent spark.

Step 2

Locate the starter bracket, and shield. Using a socket wrench, remove the two bolts holding the starter bracket and shield over the starter. One bolt is on each side of the bracket.

Step 3

Disconnect the positive, and negative battery terminal wires from the solenoid using a socket wrench.

Remove the two starter mounting bolts using a socekt wrench. There is one bolt on each side of the starter. Let the starter drop out into your hand.

1998 GMC Sierra starter replacement

Step 1

Position the new starter behind the front passenger wheel well where the previous starter was located. Using a torque wrench, tighten both starter mounting bolts to 33 foot-pounds.

Step 2

Replace the existing starter bracket and shield and torque the bolts down to 53 inch-pounds.

Step 3

Place the existing positive, and negative battery terminal cables on to the solenoid. Using a torque wrench, tighten each nut to 53 inch-pounds.

Reconnect the negative battery cable, and start the engine to verify proper installation.

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