How to Replace the Thermostat in an 2004 Optra

by Curtis Von Fange
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The thermostat controls the operating temperature of an engine. A thermostat that is stuck closed will not let coolant circulate through the radiator and will cause the engine to overheat. A thermostat stuck open will not let the engine reach normal operating temperature. The result is wasted fuel and poor engine performance.

Step 1

Ensure that the engine and cooling system are cold. Open the drain cock at the bottom of the radiator and let the coolant drain into the pan. Unscrew the radiator cap to release any vacuum on the system. Remove the upper radiator hose at the thermostat housing using a pair of pliers to compress the retaining clamp. Remove the capscrews holding the thermostat housing to the cylinder head. Remove the thermostat and seal from the housing by pressing the mounting flange down and rotating the thermostat clockwise.

Step 2

Inspect the thermostat housing for small pits and cracks. If present, replace the housing to prevent leakage. Clean the housing, the cylinder head mating surface and the capscrews with a small brush, cleaner and rag. The radiator hose should be clean and pliable without any internal residue, cracking or stiffness. Clean the end inside and out with the rag and some soapy water. The coolant should be clean with no rust, oil or cloudiness. If you intend to reuse coolant, strain it through some clean nylon hose to remove any loose debris or dirt.

Step 3

Securely install the thermostat in the housing along with a new seal. A light smear of petroleum jelly will lubricate the seal and keep it from accidentally tearing while installing. Put a light coating of thread sealer on the capscrews and torque to 11 foot-pounds. Reconnect the upper radiator hose and seat the clamp. Make sure the drain cock is closed and refill the system with clean coolant. Start the car and bring it up to operating temperature with the heater on full. Check for leaks.

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