How to Replace a Sun Visor in a Hyundai Sonata

by Robert Kohnke

Automotive sun visors are used in vehicles to block the light of the sun from your eyes without eliminating your field of vision while you're driving. Mounted at the corners of the car's ceiling, just behind the windshield, they swivel down, as well as from front to side, to block the sun from whatever angle it's hitting your eyes. When the sun is no longer a problem, you can fold them away on the ceiling of the car. A sun visor might appear to be difficult to replace but, on the contrary, replacing one is not that hard. With a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time you can remove your old sun visor and install a new one. It should be a simple process on the Hyundai Sonata, but be aware: Hyundai has recall Sonata sun visors for malfunctioning, and a Hyundai dealer will replace the sun visor free of charge if your Sonata is one of the models affected.

Fold the sun visor down to its in-use position. Pull the inside end of the visor from its securing clip over the rearview mirror and swivel the visor so that it's aligned front to back.

Angle the sun visor downward and pull the cover off where the visor attaches to the ceiling. Once the cover is removed you will see the retaining screws.

Unscrew the visor base from the ceiling of the car, using your screwdriver. Remove the old visor from the car.

Attach the new visor base by screwing it into the spot where the old one was. You can use the same screws. Slip the new cover onto the new base and swing the sun visor back in to position.

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