How to Replace the Springs in a Dodge Ram

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The popular full-size Doge Ram was introduced by Dodge in 1981. The Doge Ram has a heavy duty suspension and replacing the springs in the Ram requires the standard set of tools. The type of springs used in the Dodge Ram also depends upon which series Ram you own. Replacing the springs in the more massive Dodge Ram 3500 series requires heavy duty jacks.

Replacing the Front Springs in the Dodge Ram

Raise the Dodge Ram and block the wheels with jack stands. Since the Dodge Ram is a large, full-size truck, you should take special precautions when it's jacked up.

Remove the shock absorber and the front wheels and compress the spring. Compressing the spring has some intrinsic danger. The potential energy in the spring can cause great bodily harm if not handled properly.

Disconnect or remove the Ram's stabilizer bar link and the lower ball joint, before lowering the jack to remove the compressor. Keep the spring compressor tight while removing the spring.

Replace the spring with a new spring. The Dodge Ram does not require a factory standard spring, but the new spring should be a high performance spring.

Reinstall and connect the lower ball joint, shock absorber and stabilizer link and tighten the nuts to factory specifications.

Lower the Dodge Ram and let the suspension take the trucks weight before tightening the pivot bolts.

Check all the removed parts and connections to make certain everything has been returned to its original positions.

Replacing the Rear Springs in the Dodge Ram

Support the Ram on its frame rails and the axle on the floor jack. Be certain to jack the rear axle securely as the weight of the axle can cause great injury if it slips.

Take off the rear wheel, stabilizer bar link, U-bolts, spring bracket and the leaf spring. Exercise caution when releasing the leaf spring as the spring holds potential energy that can cause injury if not released properly.

Install the new leaf spring. The new spring does not have to be a Dodge manufactured spring.

Reconnect and reinstall the brackets, U-bolts, stabilizer bar link and rear wheel.

Tighten the nuts to the manufacturer's specifications.

Tighten the bolts and nuts to specifications once the Dodge Ram has been lowered.


  • Take the pressure off the springs before disassembling. This is potentially very dangerous as the springs carry a great deal of force which is expended when their restraints are released.
  • Use a jack stand to support the upper control arm and knuckle when replacing the front springs.

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