How to Replace Softail Drive Belt

by Robert Good

The drive belt on a Harley Softail is connected to the rear wheel and the transmission. If the drive belt is damaged or broken, the bike will not run properly. Replacing the drive belt yourself can save considerable time and money. With the correct tools and knowledge, almost any Harley owner can replace the drive belt in around two hours. You can buy the tools and replacement belt at any Harley dealership.

Step 1

Raise the Softail off the ground using the motorcycle stand. Remove the rear axle nut using the pliers. Tap the axle rod out using the push rod and hammer.

Step 2

Push the Softail's rear wheel forward and remove the drive belt from the sprocket. Remove the cover plate from the side of the transmission and pull the belt off the transmission.

Step 3

Place the new belt onto the transmission. Place the belt onto the rear wheel sprocket. Place the rear wheel onto the frame and replace the axle rod the opposite of the way that you removed it.

Step 4

Pull the rear wheel back until the tension markings on the swing arm line up with the markings on the rear wheel. Replace and tighten the rear wheel nut and lower the bike to the ground.

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