How to Replace a Crank Sensor in a 94 Park Avenue

by Ashton Daigle

Your 1994 Buick Park Avenue utilizes a crank, or crankshaft sensor, to monitor and regulate the correct firing of spark plugs in your vehicle. The sensor measures and records magnetic beats produced by the revolutions of your Park Avenue's crankshaft. This information is then relayed back to your car's central computer module. A malfunctioning crankshaft sensor can cause your Park Avenue to misfire or even to stall out completely. They should be replaced immediately when they go out.

Step 1

Pop the hood on your Park Avenue and place the wrench around the nut on the negative battery cable. Twist the nut to the left until it loosens. Once it is loose remove the negative battery cable from the negative post.

Step 2

Jack up your Park Avenue on the driver's side. Once it is raised about a foot off the ground, slide a jack stand under the frame and lower the car.

Step 3

Find the position of the old crankshaft sensor. It will be mounted on the bottom side of the engine, near the driver's side wheel well.

Step 4

Press in the two tabs to unlock the plastic plug from the back of the old sensor.

Step 5

Use a 10 mm socket and turn it to the left to remove the old sensor. Set the new sensor in place and tighten the retaining bolt with the 10 mm socket by turning it to the right. Plug the plastic plug back into the rear of the new sensor.

Step 6

Lower the Park Avenue down from the jack stands and floor jack.

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