How to Replace Radius Arm Bushings

by Krista Martin
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Radius arm bushings are a part of your vehicle's suspension system. They are located at the front and back of the radius arm and function to prevent the arm from suffering from wear over time. If you hear a metal on metal knock, it is an indication that your bushings need to be replaced. In addition, the suspension system should be inspected every 3000 miles or every six months to prevent the wear and tear that develops over time.

Step 1

Insert two support jacks behind the rear tires of the vehicle and use the lever to raise it.

Step 2

Use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the front of the wheel. Remove the lug nuts underneath the wheel hub and remove the wheel.

Step 3

Locate the radius arm where it connects to the shock absorber. Use a wrench to remove the nuts and bolts that connect the arm to the shock absorber. Also remove the nuts and bolts at the bottom of the spring with the socket wrench. Lift the spring away from the axle and set aside.

Step 4

Use the socket wrench to loosen the pivot bolt on the axle arm. Remove the nut, washer and bushing from the bottom of the radius arm with the wrench.

Step 5

Pull the radius arm back into the bracket and install the new bushing on the bottom of the radius arm. Use a socket wrench to tighten the nut and insert a swivel bolt on the axle arm and use a socket wrench to tighten.

Step 6

Connect the spring and tighten bolts and nuts using the socket wrench. Use the socket wrench to install the brake calliper. Connect the radius arm to the shock absorber. Tighten by inserting the nuts onto the radius arm, using the socket wrench.

Step 7

Insert the wheel on the wheel assembly. Insert the lug nuts with the socket wrench. Replace the hubcaps and screw in the bolts all the way. Remove the support jacks.

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