How to Replace a Passenger Mirror on a Kia

by Zyon Silket

Kia uses plastic side view mirrors housed inside of a large shell on all of their late model vehicles. The method for replacement is generally the same for all models. The plastic shells have three threaded posts inserted into the side and those threaded posts extend through the door and attach via nuts. To replace the passenger mirror on your Kia, you have to locate and remove the nuts that secure the mirror to the door.

Step 1

Locate the mirror cover on the inside of the Kia door. It's located on the inside the door, directly across from the passenger mirror. To remove the cover, pull on it to release the plastic tabs that secure it to the door.

Step 2

Locate the three nuts under the cover and remove them with a 10mm socket. To avoid dropping the mirror, hold it with one hand while you remove the nuts with the other. Be careful not to drop the nuts inside of the door. If you drop a nut, you must remove the door panel to retrieve it.

Step 3

Pull the mirror out of the door. Slide the new mirror into the side of the door. The threaded posts can chip the paint. Take caution to prevent this.

Step 4

Secure the mirror to the door with the original 10mm bolts. If the new mirror came with different bolts, use those bolts. They may have a different thread pattern or be a different size.

Step 5

Place the cover back onto the Kia door and push it into place with your fingers. Sometimes you have to strike it with the palm of your hand to get it to snap into place.

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