How to Replace a Nissan Xterra's Water Pump

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The water pump receives engine coolant from a vehicle's radiator, screens it and then supplies it to the engine to maintain ideal operating temperatures. For most models of the Xterra, the water pump is not too difficult to access. Make sure you have at least a few hours of time before beginning the procedure.

Step 1

Allow the Xterra to sit for 30 minutes prior to performing procedure to let the engine cool off. Disconnect the negative battery cable and engage the parking brake, for safety.

Step 2

Place the drain pan under the radiator and drain the coolant; set aside. Keep the engine coolant away from animals and children.

Step 3

Remove the Xterra's cooling fan shroud to allow easier access to the engine bay. Remove the accessory belt from the water pump pulley.

Step 4

Remove the water pump pulley, and then remove the five bolts mounting the water pump. If the vehicle is equipped with the V-6 engine, remove the O-ring gasket and discard. Xterras equipped with the four-cylinder engine do not use O-rings for the water pump.

Step 5

Apply the liquid sealant to the new water pump (four cylinder). Fill the indentation around the back of the pump. For V-6 engines, fit the new O-ring gasket to the water pump's mounting point.

Step 6

Attach the water pump with the torque wrench. Tighten the bolts to between 12 and 15 foot-pounds. Reattach the water pump pulley and the accessory belt. Install the cooling fan shroud back in its place.

Step 7

Check the coolant you drained from the Xterra's radiator. If the coolant is contaminated or dirty, replace it. Contaminated cooling can damage a new water pump. Refill the coolant level and start the engine to check for leaks from the radiator and the water pump.

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