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How to Replace the Ignition Coil in a Chrysler Sebring

by Contributor

The majority of engines in the Chrysler Sebring series use a distributorless ignition system, which works with a coil pack rather than a ignition coil. However, a Chrysler Sebring with a 2.5L engine operates with a distributor ignition system that uses an ignition coil to trigger the spark plug wires.

Step 1

Determine whether you want to replace just the ignition coil or the entire distributor assembly, which houses the ignition coil(s). Chrysler recommends you replace the entire assembly, unless you have special training as a mechanic.

Step 2

Access the distributor assembly. To do this, remove the bolt that holds the air inlet resonator to the intake manifold, air intake resonator, air cleaner cover and air inlet tube. Also, remove the PVC air hose, the hose clamp that connects to the throttle body and the ERG tube.

Step 3

Disconnect the spark plug wires from the distributor cap. Take off the distributor cap. You need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that secure the cap in place.

Step 4

Indicate the position for the rotor, and then remove it. You also need to remove the retainers for the harness connectors, the mounting hardware and the transmission dipstick. Gently remove any parts loosened when you remove the fasteners.

Step 5

Pull the distributor from the engine and insert a new distributor.

Put the parts back together in the reverse order in which you disassembled the distributor assembly. With a Torque wrench, tighten the nuts on the mounting fasteners with 9 foot pounds of toque (13 Nm) and the bolts on the ERG tube to 95 inch pounds of torque (11 Nm).

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Distributor assembly with ignition coil
  • Torque wrench

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