How to Replace a Washer Hose in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Matt Scheer

The windshield washer system in the 1993-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee consists of a fluid tank, pump and washer hoses. When the hoses have a leak, the system no longer sprays fluid onto the windshield, which reduces visibility when driving. Replacing the washer hose takes about an hour to complete.

Open the Cherokee's engine hood and locate the washer fluid tank on the driver's side, just in front of the wheel well.

Find the small length of hose running from the pump on the bottom of the tank to the windshield. Pull the hose out of the pump. Disconnect it from the white corner connectors on the hood and at the spray nozzle below the windshield. Keep the corner connectors.

Measure the new hose with the two length of hose removed from the vehicle. Cut the new hose with scissors.

Connect the two new hoses with the white corner connector. Attach the connector to the hood and snap it into place. Run one end down to the pump and attach it. Run the other end to the nozzle at the windshield and hook it into the connector there.

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