How to Replace H3 Headlamps

by Tara Kimball

The Hummer H3 is equipped with an H13 bulb in each headlight assembly. When a bulb burns out, replace it right away for safety and visibility. Buy replacement bulbs from an auto parts retailer, and change the bulbs at home for less than the cost of a technician. Replace the headlight bulbs in pairs to ensure longevity and consistency in your headlights.

Raise the hood of your H3. Locate the headlight bulb just inside the engine compartment.

Turn the bulb counterclockwise and slide it back out of the headlight assembly. Push in on the locking tab of the wiring harness connection then pull the connector off the bulb socket.

Push the new bulb socket onto the electrical connector until it clicks, locking into place. Insert the bulb into the headlight assembly and turn it clockwise to secure it.

Repeat the process on the opposite headlight. Close the hood and test the new lights.


  • Avoid touching the glass portion of the halogen bulbs; oils from your skin can cause damage to the glass.

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