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How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Pontiac Grand Am

by Contributor

The fuel filter in your Pontiac Grand Am is there to keep the dirt and rust particles out of the fuel system. For optimal performance, some mechanics recommend that you replace the fuel filter every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. Follow the instructions below to replace the fuel filter on your Pontiac Grand Am in less than 45 minutes.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable and remove the fuel tank's vapor pressure by slowly loosening the fuel cap. Wrap a shop towel around the fuel pressure valve as you connect a pressure gauge to the fuel pressure valve.

Step 2

Put the bleed hose of the gauge into a container that will hold the fuel. Open the gauge valve to bleed the system pressure. Drain any fuel that remains in the gauge into the container too.

Step 3

Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter with the help of a backup wrench. Compress the tabs and pull the fuel line outward to disconnect the quick-connect fitting from the fuel filter. Remove the fuel filter from the mounting bracket.

Step 4

Place the new filter in the mounting bracket and use a backup wrench to connect the fuel lines. Tighten the fittings to 20 ft-lbs. Reconnect the quick-connect fitting to the fuel filter.

Connect the negative battery cable. Restore the pressure to the fuel system by turning the ignition on for 2 seconds. Turn it off for 10 seconds, then turn it on again. Check for fuel leaks in your Pontiac Grand Am.


  • Be sure to let the pressure out of the fuel system before you disconnect the fuel lines.
  • Wipe up any fuel that may have spilled while replacing the fuel filter before starting your Pontiac Grand Am.

Items you will need

  • Shop towel
  • Pressure gauge
  • Container for fuel
  • Wrench
  • New fuel filter

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