How to Replace Fan Belt on a Dodge RAM 1500

by Carl Pruit

Does the fan belt on your Dodge Ram 1500 look like a snake that is winding its way around the front of your motor? If you are intimidated by all the twists and turns in your fan belt, don't worry. It is actually much easier to replace the fan belt from your vehicle than it looks. The belt was designed to turn several of your engine parts with one belt, making it a much simpler design. With just a few turns of a socket wrench, you will remove your fan belt and be able to replace it with little effort.

How to Replace the Fan Belt on a Dodge Ram 1500

Step 1

Remove the battery cables from the battery of your Dodge Ram 1500 with a crescent wrench and socket wrench, and move them to a safe place. Find the tensioner pulley for the fan belt. It is usually located beneath the air conditioner compressor pulley in front of the engine and has a bolt on the side of the pulley.

Step 2

Examine the way the fan belt is looped around each engine part so that you will remember how to put it back on when you are installing the new belt. Loosen the tension on the fan belt by moving the tensioner pulley with a pry bar or socket wrench.

Step 3

Slip the fan belt off the tensioner pulley and allow the pulley to return to its regular position. Remove the belt from the rest of the engine pulleys.

Step 4

Install the new fan belt around each of the engine pulleys, leaving the tensioner pulley for last. Check with your Dodge Ram 1500 repair manual for directions on how the belt is to loop around the pulleys.

Step 5

Release the pressure on the tensioner pulley with a crowbar, and slip the fan belt over the pulley. Slowly remove the pry bar, and let the pulley move back into position.

Step 6

Place the battery cables back on the battery, and tighten with a socket wrench and crescent wrench. Turn the vehicle engine on and observe the belt to make sure it is running properly.

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