How to Replace the Valve Cover Gasket on a 2.4L GM

by John Rose

The rocker arms on the 2.4L GM engine are responsible for opening and closing the exhaust and intake valves in the cylinder head. The valve cover closes these rocker arms off, so you need a gasket between the cover and the cylinder head to prevent oil from leaking into the engine compartment. When the valve cover gasket fails, the oil not only covers the engine and makes it dirty, but then you have a loss of oil as well. You need to change the gasket to keep that from happening.

Step 1

Pop the hood on the engine compartment and make sure the engine is cool. Disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent possible shock. Remove the air outlet using a screwdriver. Loosen the PCV hose clamp at the valve cover with the screwdriver and pull the hose from it. Disconnect the quick connect fitting from the fuel line at the fuel rail.

Step 2

Remove the fuel line clips from the fuel line bracket. Reposition the fuel feed line out of the way of the valve cover. Remove the bolt from the fuel line bracket using a wrench and take the bracket off. Mark the proper location of each of the wires on the ignition coils using the marker and masking tape and then pull them off.

Step 3

Remove the wiring harness clips from the valve cover. Remove the valve cover bolts using a socket and ratchet. Pull the valve cover away from the cylinder head. Remove the valve cover gasket from the cylinder head. Use the scraper to remove any gasket material that remains. Clean the cylinder head mounting surface using the rags.

Step 4

Place a new gasket on the cylinder head. Place the valve cover on the gasket and line it up properly with the cylinder head. Secure the valve cover bolts using the socket and ratchet. Attach the wiring harness clips to the valve cover. Attach the wires to the ignition coils according to the labels you made.

Step 5

Place the fuel line bracket in place and tighten the bolt with the wrench. Move the fuel line back into place and attach the fuel line clips to the bracket. Connect the quick connect fitting of the fuel line to the fuel rail. Connect the hose to the PCV valve at the valve cover and tighten the clamp with the screwdriver.

Step 6

Connect the air outlet and tighten the clamp with the screwdriver. Connect the battery cable. Start the engine and check the valve cover for leaking around the new gasket.

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