How to Change the Fuel Filter on a Ford Ranger

by Dan FerrellUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Small screwdriver

  • Shop rag

  • Floor jack and jack stand

  • Wrench set

  • Ratchet and socket set

After years of service, the fuel filter on your Ford Ranger clogs and begins to chock the engine. The low fuel system pressure affects engine performance and a fuel filter change is necessary. You can easily replace the fuel filter on your Ranger following these steps. The procedure applies to the 2005, 2.3-liter engine Ranger, but other models are very similar.

Park your car in a safe place and level surface. Make sure you have enough room to work around the vehicle.

Relieve the fuel system pressure. Open the hood and disconnect the black, negative battery cable. Loosen the fuel filler cap and locate the Schrader valve along the inlet fuel line of the fuel rail inside the engine compartment (on some models, you might have to remove an accessory cover from the fuel supply manifold). The valve is located right before the first fuel injector and resembles an air valve used on bicycle tires. Depress the stem inside the valve using a small screwdriver. Cover the valve with a shop rag to catch the squirt of fuel.

Locate the fuel filter under the frame rail near the fuel tank on the right-hand side of the vehicle (passenger side). If necessary, raise the rear of the truck using a floor jack and safely support it on a jack stand.

Clean the lines and fittings of dirt on both ends of the fuel filter and remove the clips holding the fuel line fittings to the filter. Disengage the fuel lines from both ends of the filter.

Remove the fuel filter from the mounting bracket. If necessary, remove the bracket from the rail using a wrench or ratchet and socket and remove the filter from the bracket.

Install the new filter on the bracket, making sure the arrow on the side of the filter case points in the direction of the engine. Install the bracket on the frame rail.

Connect the fuel lines on both ends of the filter and install the clips on the line fittings.

Lower the vehicle, tighten the fuel filler cap and connect the black, negative battery cable.

Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.


Do not allow smoking and park your car away from appliances with open flames like water heaters and dryers any time you have to work on the fuel system of your car to avoid an accident.

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