How to Replace Chevy C10 Wood Bed Floor

by Russell Wood

Old trucks are cool, but unfortunately, not all of them have held up to the test of time. Older products wear out, particularly the wood used to construct the bed floor. Replacing them isn't difficult, it just takes some time and effort, plus a little bit of patience.

Crawl underneath the truck and unbolt the factory stainless steel strips that hold the wood to the floor using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket set. This may be difficult, as the bolts may be rusted out, and if that's the case, simply spray some penetrating lubricant on the bolts and loosen them up.

Remove the stainless steel strips and the wood. This is going to leave the bed completely free.

Place the new wood strips into the bed floor. Depending on the kit, there may be specific wood lengths to go around the fenderwells, so take note of what the kit's instructions say.

Locate the new stainless steel strips so that they are in between two boards and aligned with the stock holes.

Place the carriage bolts into the stainless strips and then tighten them down slowly. At this point, just loosely tighten the strips.

Adjust the wood strips if they don't align properly for one reason or another. Once everything is properly aligned, tighten down all of the bolts.

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