How to Replace a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic Fuel Pump

by Eric Grosso
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Changing the fuel pump on your 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic can alleviate many problems related to the fuel system, including inadequate acceleration or engine stuttering due to poor fuel delivery. The pump is easily accessible and is located in the fuel tank. Care must be taken while removing the pump, and using metal tools on metal surfaces should be kept to a minimum, lowering the chances of a spark-related fire. The 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic models, all with 4.0 engines, use an electric pump.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable with a wrench.

Step 2

Remove the gas cap.

Step 3

Locate the test port and place towels around the port. Use a small screwdriver to press against the port and relieve the fuel pressure. If the vehicle does not have a test port, place towels around the end of the fuel rail and disconnect the fuel line coming into the fuel rail. This will also relieve pressure in the system.

Step 4

Disconnect the hoses running to and from the fuel pump and the electrical connections running to the fuel pump and the attached fuel sending unit.

Step 5

Turn the ring holding the fuel pump and fuel sending unit counterclockwise until it can be removed from the outer retaining ring.

Step 6

Remove the mounting bracket and place it onto the new fuel pump. Disconnect the wires from the old fuel pump and attach them to the new fuel pump. Install the lock ring onto the new pump.

Step 7

Place the new pump back into the fuel tank and turn the outer ring clockwise until it locks into the inner ring.

Step 8

Attach the electrical connections and hoses to the new fuel pump.

Step 9

Install the fuel line at the end of the fuel rail if you've disconnected the line in place of using the test port to relieve the fuel system pressure.

Step 10

Replace the gas cap.

Step 11

Connect the negative battery cable.

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