How to Replace a Caliper in a Dodge Ram

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Many truck drivers like to work on their own vehicles. However, changing a brake caliper on any vehicle, including a Dodge Ram, should not be done lightly. If you don't wish to have a professional work on your Dodge Ram, consult with one before any major maintenance.

Remove the Old Caliper

Step 1

Raise and support the truck on one end of a jack stand, Remove the wheel for the caliper you are replacing.

Step 2

Remove the caliper mounting bolts, using a 3/8 inch hex or socket wrench. Loosen the bolt securing the brake hose fitting bolt in the caliper.

Step 3

Extract the caliper from the rotor toward the rear and out of its mount. Remove the hose fitting bolt completely, then remove the caliper with the pads still installed.

Step 4

Plug the brake hose with a piece of plastic to prevent losing or contaminating the brake fluid.

Remove the brake pads from the old caliper if they are still good.

Install the New Caliper

Step 1

Lubricate the mounting bolts, bushings, collars and bores. Silicone grease works best.

Step 2

Attach the brake pads to the new caliper. Using new pads is best.

Step 3

Install the caliper over the rotor. Seat it in the old caliper's original position until flush. Install the mounting bolts and tighten them to the appropriate torque for your model. (Consult your mechanic for the right torque.)

Step 4

Connect the brake hose to the caliper, using new washers.

Step 5

Reattach the wheel and lower the truck.

Pump the brakes multiple times to seat the pads. Then, road test them.

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