How to Replace the Break Booster on a Chevrolet Silverado

by Cecil Fontaine
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The Chevy Silverado´s braking system operates with disc brakes, which require the use of power brake boosters. Prior to disc brakes, stopping a truck required much more effort compared to the modern systems that take advantage of a vacuum created by the truck´s engine. Just like any truck part, the brake booster undergoes normal wear and tear and can lose its capacity to assist in braking. When this occurs, it is time to replace the brake booster and regain your truck´s braking ability.

Step 1

Lift the hood of the truck and locate the master brake cylinder -- it is located on the firewall, opposite of where the brake pedal is in the cabin of the truck. You can identify the master brake cylinder by the brake lines that are attached to it; these brake lines run from the brake linkage through the truck´s firewall and connect the brake booster to the master brake cylinder. Use a socket wrench to disconnect the master brake cylinder from the firewall, after which you will be able to disconnect the vacuum line that runs into the brake booster -- this will isolate the booster so that it can be removed later.

Step 2

Position yourself under the truck´s dashboard so that you can access the brake pedal. Using a flashlight, look directly above the brake pedal. You will see a small metal plate on the bottom of the dashboard, where the brake linkage connects the brake pedal to the piston of the master brake cylinder. This plate is held to the bottom of the dish with screws -- remove the screws with a screwdriver and pull off the plate.

Step 3

Remove the bolts that are located behind the brake pedal. These bolts hold the brake booster to firewall. Go back under the hood and remove the brake booster and gasket from the firewall. After this, you can install the new gasket and brake booster -- push the gasket and then the brake booster into the firewall where the old booster was located and then go back under the dashboard to secure the booster in place with the bolts that were previously removed.

Step 4

Re-attach the vacuum line to the new brake booster and then bolt the master brake cylinder back onto the firewall. After you have done this, re-attach the metal plate under the dashboard to re-establish the connection between the brake pedal and the master brake cylinder.

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