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How to Replace a Blower Motor in My Envoy

by Melissa Kelly

The blower motor on your GMC Envoy is fundamental to the proper operation of the vehicle's heating and air conditioning system. The blower motor is responsible for forcing air through the vents and into the interior of the car. If a blower motor is failing, it may begin to squeal or stop intermittently. You may also notice poor air flow from your vents. Before fully replacing your blower motor, test it by checking the fuses and wiring to confirm a full replacement is necessary. If you find that it is not an electrical issue, then proceed by replacing your blower motor.

Front Blower Motor

Step 1

Remove the right instrument panel insulator and the glove box door using a trim tool to minimize scraping to the interior panels.

Step 2

Disconnect the electrical connector from the blower motor. Remove the blower motor screws and cooling tube using a screwdriver.

Step 3

Remove the blower motor and separate it from the cover. If you are replacing the blower motor with a new one, remove the fan from the blower motor. The fan is pressed onto the blower motor shaft and can be pried off with two screwdrivers.

Step 4

Install the fan onto the new motor and install the blower motor into the heater housing. Tighten the blower motor screws and attach the cooling tube.

Reconnect the electrical connectors and reinstall the glove box door and instrument panel insulator.

Auxiliary Blower Motor

Step 1

Have the air conditioning system discharged at a service shop or dealership to relieve the system's pressure. Do not loosen any hose fittings or remove any components until after the system has been discharged; it must be properly discarded in order to comply with EPA-approved procedures.

Step 2

Drain the cooling system by placing a large container under the radiator and loosening the hose clamp on the lower radiator hose. Slide the hose back and allow the coolant to being draining and then remove the radiator cap. Replace the hose and tighten the clamp once drained.

Step 3

Remove the HVAC module using a trim tool to minimize scraping. Disconnect the electrical connector from the HVAC auxiliary module.

Step 4

Remove the air outlet duct. Remove the blower motor screws using a screwdriver, and remove the blower motor.

Reinstall the new blower motor into the housing. Tighten the blower motor screws and reattach the air outlet duct. Reconnect the electrical connector and replace the HVAC module. Recharge the air conditioning system and refill the radiator with coolant.

Items you will need

  • Trim tool
  • Screwdrivers
  • Blower motor

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