How to Replace a Serpentine Belt on a Toyota Tundra 4.7L

by Tim Anderson
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The serpentine belt on a Toyota Tundra 4.7-liter engine is a single, continuous belt that weaves through various components of the engine and also turns the engine crankshaft. In the Tundra, it operates the idler, alternator, cooling fan, air conditioner and power steering pump. Over time, the serpentine belt may crack, stretch or break, and periodic replacement of the belt is needed to keep your Tundra running efficiently.

Step 1

Open the hood of the Tundra. Locate the serpentine belt configuration chart on the underside of the hood. Refer to this chart throughout the process. Adjust the adjustable wrench head to fit the nuts on the battery connector leads. Disconnect the battery leads and place them to the side.

Step 2

Stand in front of the vehicle and locate the automatic belt tensioner as referenced on the serpentine belt diagram chart for your Tundra. Place the 1/2-inch socket on the end of the breaker bar ratchet and slide the socket over the 1/2-inch nut that protrudes from the side of the automatic belt tensioner. Apply leverage to the tensioner in a counterclockwise direction or as indicated on the configuration diagram for your model year. Keep pressure on the bar for a few seconds until the tensioner compresses. Use the flathead screwdriver to slide the belt off of the tensioner pulley. Gently allow the spring-loaded tensioner to move back to its original position. Remove the belt from the remaining pulleys in the engine.

Step 3

Route the new belt through the pulley system by using the serpentine belt diagram chart as a reference. Align the grooves in the belt with the grooves of pulleys that have grooves. Place strips of masking tape over the edges of the belt on each pulley to hold the belt in place while you route it through the system. Leave the tensioner pulley for last. Apply leverage to the breaker, and use the flathead screwdriver to slide the belt over the tensioner pulley. Release the tension slowly.

Step 4

Check to ensure the belt is on all the pulleys according to the diagram. Remove the strips of tape. Replace the battery connector leads to the battery. Start the engine and listen for sounds such as flopping or screeching that indicate the belt is improperly mounted on one of the pulleys. Adjust the belt if necessary using the tensioner to release tension on the belt until everything is configured properly.

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