How to Replace the Battery on a KTM Motorcycle

by Justin Wash

KTM motorcycles are known for their durability, quick and responsive handling, and ease of maintenance. However, if your bike is left with the ignition on for an extended period of time, the battery could go dead and sometimes will not simply start up with a jump or battery charger. If you find that you need a new battery for your KTM, save time and money by replacing it yourself rather than going to the shop.

Step 1

Remove the seat of your KTM motorcycle via the clips on the right and left side and the back. Some newer KTM motorcycles have two bolts at the rear holding the seat in. If this is the case, simply remove these bolts, found under the seat, and pull the seat upward.

Step 2

Remove the negative battery terminal with a rubber-gripped wrench, then the positive one. Move the cables out of the way.

Step 3

Remove the two rubber straps that hold the battery in place and pull it out of the frame. Have the battery disposed of properly by taking it to your dealer or a motorcycle shop.

Step 4

Drop the new battery in place and secure it with the two rubber straps removed earlier. Be sure that it does not move unnecessarily and that the starter relay, to the right of the battery, is still in its correct position.

Step 5

Connect the positive battery cable to the battery terminal using a rubber-gripped wrench, then connect the negative one. Tighten the terminal clips until there is no play and be sure that they make full contact with the battery terminals.

Step 6

Reinstall the seat of your motorcycle. Start the motorcycle to test the battery.

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