How to Replace the Battery in an Eddie Bauer Watch

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Since 1920, the name Eddie Bauer has been associated with casual, yet classy, clothing and accessories. Available in both men's and women's styles, Eddie Bauer watches combine accurate timekeeping with the casual elegance associated with the brand. According to the user's manual supplied with your Eddie Bauer wrist watch, the battery that is installed in the watch at purchase is designed to last for approximately two years. When the battery in your watch dies, you can choose between paying for a jeweler to complete the battery replacement or performing the repair yourself for very little cost.

Step 1

Pad your clean, flat work surface with a soft cloth to prevent your watch face from being scuffed or scratched when replacing the battery. Place the Eddie Bauer watch face down on the soft cloth.

Step 2

Examine the back of your watch and note the locations of the notches around the watch's back cover. Adjust a three-pronged watch case-opening tool so that the prongs line up with the notches on the back of the watch case.

Step 3

Pick up the watch and hold it, face down in the palm of your hand. Insert the prongs of the watch case-opening tool into the notches on the back of the watch case. Adjust the watch case-opening tool, if necessary, to tighten the tool's grip on the watch case. Apply equal pressure to both the front and back of the watch case while turning the watch case-opening tool to the right. The back case of the watch should then pop free. Set the back case aside until you are ready to reassemble the watch.

Step 4

Use a small pair of plastic tweezers to lift out the rubber or plastic disk that protects the battery compartment of your watch. Set the protective disk aside until you have completed the battery replacement process.

Step 5

Raise the small, metal latch that holds the battery in its compartment using the tweezers. Pry the dead battery out of its battery compartment with the tweezers rather than removing the battery with your fingers. Place a brand-new watch battery into the battery compartment, and use the tweezers to snap the battery in place.

Step 6

Reassemble your Eddie Bauer watch to complete the battery replacement process. Push down the metal latch to hold the battery securely in the battery compartment. Return the protective plastic or rubber disk to the watch case. Replace the watch's back case, and use your fingers to apply pressure to the back case until you hear it snap into place.

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