How to Replace the Front Strut on a 2003 Lincoln Town Car

by Jonathan Ryan

The front struts on a 2003 Lincoln Town Car are designed to be replaced as a single unit; they do not require special tools to remove or install. Expect to spend about half an hour replacing a strut on a 2003 Town Car. You can purchase or order a replacement strut from most auto parts stores.


Unscrew and discard the three nuts at the top end of the strut from inside the engine compartment.


Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench, but don't remove them yet, and jack the car until the wheel is off the ground. Place it securely on the jack stand and finish removing the wheel. The jack point is directly behind the front wheel. Check your Town Car's owner's manual for an illustration.


Unbolt the brake caliper and slide it off the rotor. Hang it out of the way with a piece of wire. Don't let it pull on the brake line.


Remove and discard the remaining nuts that attach the strut to the vehicle. Remove the strut.


Attach the replacement strut, using new nuts. The strut should come with replacement nuts. Torque the nuts connecting it to the frame to 22 foot-pounds, the nuts to 37 foot-pounds, and the connection to the lower suspension arm to 166 foot-pounds.


Install the rotor and caliper, tightening the caliper bolts to 32 foot-pounds of torque. Install the wheel, and hand-tighten the lug nuts. Lower the car and finish tightening them.

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