How to Repair Auto Brakes

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Auto brake repair is a do-it-yourself job if you have the right tools and a little bit of experience in car repair. You'll need an extra pair of helping hands and plan to spend about half a day putting on a new set of brakes. If all you need is shoes or pads, the job takes less time. Read on to learn how to repair auto repair brakes.

Secure your vehicle and jack it up. The front two tires must be off the ground in order to remove them and repair the brakes.

Remove the tires. Use the jack and lug nut remover that came with your car. Set your lug nuts aside with the tire for easy replacement.

Take off the brake cylinder and pads. Use a hydraulic wrench to remove the fittings and then slide the cylinder off. If you have drum brakes you'll need to remove the brake cover and take off the brake shoes.

Plug the brake line so brake fluid doesn't leak out all over the floor.

Install new pads and replace the cylinder. Turn the new brake cylinder as far as it will go by hand and then tighten down the bolts. Purchase the right pads and cylinders at your local auto parts supply store.

Bleed the brake line if needed after replacing the tires. Have the person helping you push on the brake pedal inside the car until braking feels normal.


  • check Changing brake pads is much easier than changing brake shoes. If your car has drum brakes, consider having the repair done by a professional.

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