Removing Fuel Injectors From a Dodge Dakota

by Dan Ferrell
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The fuel injectors on your Dodge Dakota are reliable for the most part. However, once internal components (like the spring, coil, needle or electrical connector) break, the injector or injectors need to be replaced. You may be able to service the vehicle yourself, since the injectors on your Dakota pickup truck are not difficult to remove. Still, you will need to take some precautions to work on the fuel system.

Taking Precautions

To prevent an accident, make sure to park your pick-up truck away from open flames like dryers and water heaters and do not smoke around the vehicle while you work on the fuel system.

Before starting to remove the injectors, make sure to bleed off fuel pressure from the system. Your Dodge Dakota is equipped with a Schrader valve located at the end of the fuel rail, which you can activate to relieve the pressure. The valve itself is similar to the air valve on your vehicle tires. If your particular model is equipped with it, you might need to remove the cover from the top of the engine.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and loosen the fuel tank filler cap. Then, wrap a shop rag around the Schrader valve and use a small screwdriver to depress the stem inside the valve. The shop rag will help you catch the squirt of fuel when you depress the valve.

Removing the Injectors

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On most Dakota models, you will need to remove the air cleaner assembly to gain access to the fuel rail and injectors. Then you can unscrew the fuel-rail mounting bolts and unplug the injectors' electrical connectors.

Carefully lift the fuel rail and injectors assembly from the intake manifolds and cover the intake-manifold injector ports to avoid any objects from falling into the engine. Once you have the assembly off the intake manifold, you can remove each injector by pulling the injector to fuel rail retaining clips and pulling the injectors off the fuel rail.

Each fuel injector comes equipped with a top and lower O-ring. If you are replacing the injectors with new ones, make sure to install new O-rings as well.

If you need help locating components on your particular Dakota model, refer to the vehicle service manual. You may find one at your local auto parts store or public library.

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