How to Remove the Windshield Fluid Reservoir for a Rav4

by Shayrgo Barazi

The windshield washer fluid reservoir in your Toyota Rav4 is made of plastic and is therefore susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions. Plastic can crack in extreme cold, which can cause the windshield washer fluid to leak out of the reservoir. To prevent running into a potentially hazardous situation such, make sure to replace your reservoir with a new one as needed.

Open the hood and prop it.

Remove the electrical connector from the windshield washer pump. To do this, push down on the tab of the connector and pull outwards.

Remove the rubber hose from the pump by pulling it outwards with your hands.

Loosen the bolts holding the reservoir with a ratchet. You will need to place a long extension on the ratchet to access the bolts.

Pull the reservoir out of the engine bay.


  • check After the bolts are removed, you will have to pull up firmly on the reservoir, because it has rubber grommets that hold it to the body of the vehicle.


  • close Wear safety glasses when working on your Toyota Rav4.

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