How to Remove Vent Visors

by Christian Killian
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Removing a set of vent visors from the sides of your car or truck can be time-consuming, but armed with the right tools, you can do it with little effort and get great results. If the vent visor is cracked or has other damage to it, you must remove the old one before you can install the replacement. You can buy the visors one piece at a time from the manufacturer, but you will have to special order them that way as they only come to the auto parts stores in sets.

Step 1

Place a putty knife under the rear corner of the visor and lift it slightly, breaking the seal of the double-sided tape that holds it in place. Slide some heavy fishing line under the tape, against the car body.

Step 2

Grasp both ends of the fishing line, working it back and forth as you slide it slowly toward the front of the vent visor. Once you reach the other end of the visor, carefully pull the entire visor off the car. It will likely leave some residue behind.

Step 3

Clean the surface on the car where the visor was attached with some bug and tar cleaner on a soft rag. Rub the surface gently so as not to scratch it, working in small areas until you have cleaned the entire area.

Step 4

Wash the area with soap and water to remove any bug and tar remover from the surface of the paint.

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