How to Remove Rinehart Baffles

by Don Davis
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Rinehart exhausts are manufactured by motorcycle exhaust company Bub Enterprises. Externally, the pipes are similar to Bub exhausts. Rinehart exhausts come with replaceable end caps. You can replace your Rinehart baffles easily.

Step 1

Remove the end caps on both mufflers by loosening the two screws with a 3/16-inch Allen wrench. The end cap screws are located at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock as you face the end of the exhaust from behind the motorcycle. They are about one-half inch from the end cap muffler joint.

Step 2

Loosen the worm clamps that secure the heat shields to the mufflers with a flat-head screwdriver. Heat shields are easily identifiable chrome covers. The worm clamps are perforated steel straps secured by a single screw .

Step 3

Slide both heat shields off the back of both mufflers by hand.

Step 4

Loosen and remove the baffle screw on the bottom of each muffler with a 3/16-inch Allen wrench.

Step 5

Pull the baffles from the mufflers.

Step 6

Reinsert the original or replacement baffles in the muffler shell with the thin side facing the front of the motorcycle and the fat side facing the back of the motorcycle so that the baffle screw-hole faces down.

Step 7

Re-secure the baffle in the muffler shell by reinserting the baffle screw in the baffle screw holes in both the baffle and the muffler shell and tightening the baffle screws with a 3/16-inch Allen wrench.

Step 8

Re-tighten the heat shields on the exhaust by tightening the worm clamp screws with a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 9

Replace the end caps on the ends of the mufflers and tighten the end cap screws with a 3/16-inch Allen wrench.

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