How to Remove a Fuel Pump From a 2001 Ford Excursion

by David Roberts
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For your 2001 Ford Excursion engine to start, the fuel must travel from all the way back in the rear of the vehicle to the engine compartment. Gravity doesn't solve that problem; the fuel must be forced through the fuel lines and into the combustion chambers. Enter the fuel pump. This little device pumps the fuel from the back to where it needs to go. A faulty fuel pump can lead to the engine quitting or hesitation when starting. Because the Ford fuel pumps are sealed units, they cannot be repaired; they must be replaced.

Step 1

Park the Excursion on a level surface and apply the emergency brake. Put on goggles and work gloves. Fuel can spray from the pressurized lines and get in your eyes, causing serious injury. Remove the fuel pump fuse, located in the main fuse box in the engine compartment of the truck. Start the vehicle and wait until the engine stops. This will drain excess fuel from the lines and reduce spillage.

Step 2

Remove the negative battery cable from the negative battery terminal to prevent accidental electrical shorts or injury to yourself. Set the cable down so that it cannot touch metal or any part of the frame of the truck.

Step 3

Remove the fuel lines from the fuel pump. There may still be some pressure in the lines, so use caution and plug the opening in the hose with a cork or rubber stopper. Remove the mounting bolts that secure the fuel pump, using a socket wrench. If the bolts are rusted or stuck, use a generous portion of the PB Blaster Penetrating Lubricant and let it soak onto the bolts. Tap the bolt heads a couple of times with the wrench to let the lubricant work its way into the bolt threads. Lift the fuel pump from the engine block and make sure that the small gaskets don't fall from the pump into the engine.

Step 4

Clean any broken pieces of the gasket from the engine block with a rag. Apply gasket sealer on the area of the old gasket and install the new gasket. Set the new fuel pump over the gasket and re-bolt it to the engine block. Apply anti-seize spray to the bolts to ease future removal of the new fuel pump. Tighten the bolts and reattach the hoses to the pump.

Step 5

Reconnect the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal, then reinsert the fuel pump fuse and start the Excursion. Examine the new fuel pump closely for leaks from the hoses or the rest of the fuel line. Listen as the pump runs for the squeaking noise that indicates it is working. Test drive the truck on a short trip to see if there is any hesitation or problems like those you had before you replaced the fuel pump.

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