How to Remove Pitting From a Windshield

by Justin Mark
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The car's windshield takes a lot of punishment from road debris as the car is used. Pitting can be the result of road debris such as dirt and small rocks hitting the car's windshield. Even using a damaged windshield wiper of the car can also cause pitting. If you cannot feel the pitting on the windshield with your fingernail, then a glass polishing kit is the solution your windshield needs.

Step 1

Park the car in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.

Step 2

Clean the car's windshield using the glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Step 3

Get inside the car and mark the outline of the windshield's pitting with the crayon or the masking tape.

Step 4

Mix water and the polishing compound in the mixing pan. Read the glass polishing kit's instructions on the proper water and polishing compound mixture.

Step 5

Insert the felt bob included in the glass polishing kit to the electric drill. Wear safety goggles before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 6

Dip the flat side of the bob to the water and polishing compound solution. Position the electric drill so that the flat side of the glass polishing kit's bob is on top of the pitting on the windshield.

Step 7

Turn on the electric drill and work the polishing compound solution up and down across the windshield's pitting. Stop and spray the work area with water to ensure the polishing compound solution is always wet and to prevent heat buildup on the windshield. Continue to work the polishing compound solution on the windshield's pitting, stopping and spraying the work area at regular intervals.

Step 8

Turn off the electric drill. Clean the work area on the windshield with water and wipe dry with the microfiber cloth.

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