How to Remove Parking Stickers

by Emily Jones

Parking stickers adhere very well to your car and can be difficult to remove. Whether the sticker comes off easily usually depends on the quality of the adhesive. You can try to peel the sticker off with your fingernails and, with a little luck, it may come off in one piece. If not, there are many effective ways to remove the sticker and the adhesive residue it may leave behind.

Apply an adhesive removal product like Goo Gone to the sticker, if you no longer need to keep it. Squeeze a small amount of the solution on the sticker, and let it stay for five minutes. Rub the sticker off with a soft, damp cloth. This is the fastest and easiest method or removing stickers. You can find adhesive removal products on the home improvement aisle of grocery stores.

Heat the hardened glue with a hair dryer, if you don't have an adhesive remover. Set your hair dryer on medium heat about 6 inches from the sticker. The heat will loosen the glue so the sticker will peel off easier.

Peel a corner of the sticker carefully at a 90-degree angle. Work your way slowly to the opposite corner with a plastic spatula, applying heat as needed to keep the glue soft.

Remove the sticker residue by reapplying heat. Blow dry the area until the glue is softened, and spray the residue with WD-40. Peel the sticker residue off with the plastic spatula. Be cautious when using WD-40. Wear a protective face mask to protect yourself from the fumes.

Wash the area with a warm, soapy washcloth and then dry it with a lint-free towel.


  • check Sometimes an eraser can be used to remove the sticker residue. Rub over the area with a pencil eraser, or a large eraser if the area is bigger, until the residue is removed.


  • close Do not use razors or other sharp objects to remove parking stickers because they can damage or scratch your car.

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