How to Remove Paint from a Plastic Bumper

by Editorial Team

Removing paint from your plastic bumper doesn't have to be left to body shop professionals. There's nothing more aggravating to find out that a careless driver ran into your vehicle leaving a scratch. Follow the steps below and you will be looking good as new.

Step 1

Removing Paint from your plastic bumper can be done safely and effectively using a commercial adhesive remover. Adhesive removers can be purchased at almost any hardware store, department store, or even an occasional grocery store. There are several brands to choose from like Goo Gone and 3M Adhesive Remover just to name a couple.

Step 2

Once you have purchased an adhesive remover, you are then ready to try to remove the paint from your bumper or other plastic trim found on your vehicle. Apply a little adhesive remover to a soft cloth; an old t-shirt works well.

Step 3

Although problems with these products are not expected, it is always recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous location to insure that it will not damage your paint.

Step 4

Firmly rub the cloth with your adhesive remover applied over the affected area. You will notice that the unwanted paint will begin to come off of the bumper.

Step 5

Continue to add more product to the soft cloth and repeat step four until the paint is totally removed. Now your vehicle should be as good as new!

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