How to Remove Dog Hair From the Carpet in a Car

by Corey M. Mackenzie

Most dogs shed, and some breeds shed more than others. When dogs ride in cars, this almost always means dog hair will end up in the car carpet. In small quantities, it may barely be noticeable. But if you leave the dog hair there, it will eventually end up on the upholstery and your clothes. Since dog hair can poke deep into the carpet fibers, regular vacuuming will rarely get it all up, unless you have an expensive, high-powered vacuum cleaner. Removing dog hair from car carpet is often a process requiring several steps.


Vacuum the car carpet using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The brush will aid in pulling up some of the hair to be sucked up by the vacuum.


Switch over to the vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment. The hose attachment concentrates the suction power in smaller area and can remove hair that is stuck to carpet fibers.


Use a lint brush to capture more of the remaining dog hair. You may have to make several passes over the carpet.


Wrap duct tape loosely around your hand, adhesive side up. Or, purchase an adhesive roller from a pet store and use it instead. If using duct tape, pat the carpet briskly to pull up lint and hair. If using the roller, roll it over the carpet.


  • check For difficult jobs, lightly spray carpet with a mixture of fabric softener and water. After this dries on the carpet, vacuum it up. The softener helps loosen the hair.
  • check If you have time and need to clean the carpet anyway, use the method above or use an automotive carpet shampoos before trying the other steps. Some dog hair may be loosened by the shampoo and can be vacuumed when it is dry.
  • check If you don’t own a good vacuum cleaner, take your car to a self-service car wash and use theirs.

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