How to Remove a Distributor on a Bronco II

by Christian Killian

Removing the distributor from the engine in your Ford Bronco II can be done in just a few minutes' time. Replacement distributors are available from Ford as well as some aftermarket manufacturers; or if you are working on a tight budget, you can source a good used part from a local salvage yard. Changing the distributor can affect the engine timing; and if the new distributor is installed incorrectly, the engine will not run. Work slowly and mark the location of the distributor before pulling it out.

Open the hood of your Bronco II. Locate the negative battery cable and loosen the clamp bolt on the cable end with a wrench. Lift the cable off the battery and set it aside, isolating it so it cannot fall back against the battery.

Locate the distributor on the top of the engine with its cap and the spark plug wires on top of it. Locate the two retaining clips on the distributor cap; they will be along the bottom edge of the cap.

Insert a flat head screwdriver into the cap retainer head, press down and turn the retainer counterclockwise to release it. Move to the second retainer head and release it as well. Lift the cap off the distributor, leaving the wires in place. Set it aside.

Follow the distributor down to where it inserts into the engine. Use a scratch-all or similar tool to scribe a line on the block and the distributor as a reference for aligning it when it is reinstalled later.

Locate the retaining bolt and bracket at the base of the distributor. Remove the bolt with a distributor wrench then lift the bracket off the block. Set the bolt and bracket aside.

Disconnect the wiring harness connector from the connector on the distributor pigtail and set it aside. Grasp the distributor and pull it straight up and out of the engine.

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