How to Remove & Replace the Heater Core on a 1995 Ford Truck

by Brian Osher

When a heater core goes bad, antifreeze can be smelled within the cab of the vehicle. A bad heater core will leak coolant into the heater core compartment that is attached to the ventilation ducts. Cab-mounted heater cores are installed in 1995 Ford trucks, which means the heater core access cover is located in the cab behind the glove box. The heater core has an inlet and outlet pipe that passes through the firewall into the engine compartment. The heater core hoses connect to the heater core in the engine compartment. The radiator must be drained and the glove box needs to be removed to remove and replace the heater core in 1995 Ford trucks.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Drain the antifreeze from the radiator when the engine is cool. Place a drain pan under the radiator drain. The radiator drain plug is located on bottom left corner of the radiator. Turn the drain plug by hand counter clockwise until the fluid drains freely.

Reinstall the radiator drain plug by turning clockwise.

Disconnect the heater core hoses. The two heater core hoses are located on the passenger side firewall in the engine compartment. Loosen the hose clamps with a flat head screwdriver and pull the hoses off the heater core.

Remove the glove box to get better access to the heater core access cover. Open the glove box and remove all contents. Gently push in the back sides of the glove box bin until the stops can clear the glove box opening. While holding the glove box completely open, wedge a flat-head screwdriver into each hinge and twist to release them.

Remove the heater core access cover. The cover is retained by seven screws. Remove the seven screws and disconnect the vacuum source. Leaving the vacuum harness connected to the cover, swing the cover out of the way.

Pull the heater core out of the heater core compartment.

Install the new heater core into the heater core compartment.

Reconnect the vacuum source and reinstall the heater core access cover.

Reinstall the glove box by snapping the hinges back in place, swinging the glove box up and pushing in the bin sides so the stops can clear the glove box opening.

Reconnect the heater core hoses and tighten the hose clamps.

Reconnect the negative battery cable.

Remove the radiator cap.

Fill the radiator with a 50/50 antifreeze and water mix.

Leave the radiator cap off, turn on the heater and start the engine.

Continue filling the radiator with the coolant mix until the level stops dropping.

Reinstall the radiator cap.

Inspect the heater core hoses for leaks.

Turn off the vehicle.


  • The smell of antifreeze may remain in the cab for awhile. It needs to completely dry in the ventilation ducts and passenger side carpet if it leaked from the heater core compartment cover.

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