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How to Remove the Center Console From a Mercedes Benz ML320

by Michael Dickson

The center console in a Mercedes Benz ML320 contains the gearshift lever, cup holders and storage compartment. It can be removed for repair, replacement or for access to ML320 window and brake wiring. You would need to remove the center console to replace the lateral acceleration sensor, which controls the ESP/BAS light on the ML, as it's located directly under the console. The center console comes off as one piece in just a few minutes.

Engage the emergency brake. Open the armrest to reveal the inside of the center console storage compartment. Remove personal items from the storage compartment.

Remove the two screws connected to the armrest located on the inside of the storage compartment.

Remove the cover on the gearshift lever by removing the two screws located near the top of the cup holder compartment.

Remove the two screws on the inside of the storage compartment housing on the floor closest to the gear shift.

Disconnect the left and right rear window switches located on the rear wall inside the storage compartment. Disconnect the connector from the floor on the inside of the storage compartment.

Remove the four remaining screws from the inside of the storage compartment housing. The screws are located near the rear of the housing on the floor. Set the shift lever to neutral and remove the housing.


  • Place the screws in separate locations, labeling them as you remove them. This will prevent misthreads during reassembly.

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