How to Remove a Firewall Master Clutch Cylinder From a Ford F150

by Daniel Valladares

The master clutch cylinder of your Ford F-150 truck is an important part of your truck's clutch pedal system. If you find that the accelerator or brake pedals are providing too much or too little resistance, the problem may be with the master clutch cylinder and you should repair or replace it. The master clutch cylinder is situated at the rear of the engine compartment, on the firewall of the truck. Removing the master clutch cylinder is fairly simple and should not take more than half an hour to complete.

Step 1

Use a flat head screwdriver to disconnect the clutch master cylinder's push rod from the clutch pedal, underneath the F-150's dashboard.

Step 2

Lift the F-150 with a jack and support the truck with jack stands.

Step 3

Use a socket wrench to remove the hydraulic line from the transmission. Some fluid will leak out, so you may want to use a rag to wipe up any fluid. As soon as the line is disconnected, insert a plug into the opening to prevent any more fluid loss.

Step 4

Remove the jack stands and lower the truck.

Step 5

Open the hood and rotate the master clutch cylinder 45 degrees clockwise. Pull it off to remove it from the firewall.

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