How to Adjust the Clutch in a Saturn Ion

by Editorial Team

Tending to the Saturn Ion clutch is pretty straightforward. You can adjust the pedal height, as well as perform maintenance tasks like fill the reservoir and bleed the system. Each task will help increase the performance of the vehicle's clutch.

Step 1

Check the reservoir under the good of the Saturn Ion for the level of the clutch fluid. This is an important consideration, because the Saturn Ion's clutch is hydraulic. If the level of fluid is too low, this could cause the clutch to perform poorly, or not at all. Fill up the reservoir, pump the clutch pedal a few times, and you will find that the clutch pedal has been effectively adjusted.

Step 2

Bleed the clutch system of your Saturn Ion if your pedal is higher than usual or doesn't respond as it should. This may be due to air bubbles trapped in the lines. Attach one end of a hose to the bleeder valve on the slave cylinder (near clutch housing), and the other in a clear container that has clutch fluid. Pump the pedal a few times until you see no more air bubbles in the system. Close the valve, and add more fluid to the reservoir if needed.

Step 3

Adjust the clutch pedal height in the Saturn Ion by looking at the top of the clutch pedal inside the Ion's cabin. Turn the knob to raise or lower the pedal as you would like.

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