How to Remove Disc Brake Rotors on a Toyota Matrix

by William Zane

The brake rotors on a Toyota Matrix are an extremely important aspect of the brake system. Over time, the rotors, which are the round disc that the caliper and brake pads clamp when the brakes are applied, can get scored, warped or simply wear too thin from use. Rotors should be regularly inspected for wear and replaced if necessary to ensure that your Matrix’s brakes function properly and safely. Replacing rotors is a simple job that can be done in a few hours.


Loosen the lug nuts that fasten the wheels on. Raise the Matrix with a jack and support it securely with jack stands. Remove the wheels.


Clean the brake caliper, rotor and nearby areas with brake cleaner and a clean rag. Make sure there is no dirt, oil or contaminants on the brake components.


Remove the bolts that hold the caliper to the caliper mounting bracket. There will be two bolts that can be removed with a socket and ratchet or an open-ended wrench.


Slide the caliper off of the rotor. Support the caliper with a piece of wire or string so that the weight of it is not on the brake line, which could be damaged from the weight of the caliper.


Remove the caliper mounting bracket by removing the two bolts with a ratchet or an open-ended wrench. Set the bracket aside.


Pull the rotor straight off of the hub. On the Matrix, the rotors are not bolted on with anything, once the wheel and the caliper are out of the way. However, the rotor may be frozen onto the hub from years of dirt and rust. Use a rubber mallet to tap the rotor off.


Replacement is the reverse of removal.

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