How to Remove a Brake Rotor on a Scion XB

by Russell Wood

The brake rotors on a Scion xB are an important part of the braking system. The rotors wear down each time the brake pedal is applied and wear down unevenly because of inconsistencies in the brake pads. When the pads need to be changed, Scion recommends removing the brake rotors and either having them turned by a professional or replacing them entirely, depending on the remaining thickness of the part. Fortunately, removing the rotor is not a difficult process. You can do it in under an hour.

Step 1

Lift the car with the jack, placing the jack stands underneath the jack points indicated by arrows in the corners of the chassis. Pull off the hubcap on the wheels, then remove the wheels with the tire iron.

Step 2

Unbolt the brake caliper bracket from the knuckle with the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Lift it off the rotor and hang the caliper and bracket from the spring with the bungee cord.

Step 3

Thread the 8 mm bolts into the threaded holes in the center of the rotor by the wheels studs. Tighten them using the ratchet until the rotor pops off the knuckle.

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