How to Remove an Alternator on a Range Rover

by Dan Ferrell
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The alternator on a Range Rover is mounted with only two bolts, which makes it easy to remove and install. However, the way serpentine or v-belts (used to drive the alternator and other engine accessories) are removed and installed differs depending on the particular model.

Step 1

Park your Range Rover in a safe place, open the hood and disconnect the black, negative battery cable.

Step 2

Locate the drive-belt tensioner pulley (this pulley does not drive any accessory on the engine but provides tension to the belt). If the pulley has a recessed squared in the middle, use a 1/2-inch drive-breaker bar to pivot the pulley toward the center of the engine, then slide the drive belt from under the pulley. Carefully release the tensioner pulley. On other models, the tensioner pulley comes with adjusting and pivot bolts. Use a wrench or ratchet and socket to loosen the bolts and release the belt tension. Other tensioner pulleys come equipped with a third bolt to prevent the adjusting bolt from sliding and releasing the belt tension. Loosen this bolt if necessary. On other vehicle models without a tensioner pulley, it is necessary to loosen the alternator mounting and adjusting bolts to release the belt tension using a wrench or ratchet and socket.

Step 3

Slide the drive belt off the alternator pulley, but leave the belt properly mounted on the rest of the accessory pulleys on the engine.

Step 4

Remove the two alternator mounting bolts using a wrench or ratchet and socket. Move the alternator away from the engine just enough to unplug the alternator electrical connector and wire, then lift the alternator off the engine.

Step 5

Set the new alternator in place. Plug the alternator electrical connector and install the electrical wire. Install the two mounting bolts and torque them to 18 foot-lbs., using a torque wrench (see Tips for more information).

Step 6

Slide the drive belt over the alternator pulley. Depending on the belt-tension system on your vehicle, either: (1) slide the belt over the idler pulley after pivoting the pulley with the breaker bar, then carefully release the tensioner; or (2) adjust the pulley locking and adjusting bolts; or (3) push the alternator away from the engine using a pry bar to provide the necessary tension to the drive belt and tighten the alternator-mounting bolts. Double-check to make sure the belt is properly seated over the pulleys ribs.

Step 7

Connect the black, negative battery cable.

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