How to Rejuvenate 6V Golf-Cart Batteries

by Doug Leenhouts

Many 6-volt batteries, commonly used in golf carts and lawn tractors, are unnecessarily discarded. When used in hot and dry weather, batteries can dry out. This causes the water to evaporate, and the battery will not hold a charge. However, they are designed to be refilled with distilled water when this happens. It is a simple process to open the battery and refill the cylinders, which will save a lot of money over replacing the entire battery.

Disconnect the battery using the wrench and remove the battery from the golf cart. Unhook any straps or hooks that may secure the battery.

Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the lid off of the battery. Be careful not to damage the lid.

Fill each cylinder with distilled water. There should be a metal strip indicating the fill line.

Replace the top of the battery and reinstall it on the golf cart. It should not be an airtight seal, as the battery requires air to react.


  • close Wear rubber gloves and goggles at all times while working with the battery.
  • close Disconnect the negative battery terminal first to avoid electric shock.
  • close Do not add water to a discharged battery.
  • close Do not tip the battery.
  • close Wipe up any spills immediately and discard the towel.
  • close Do not overfill battery.
  • close Do not use tap water; only use distilled water.

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