How to Register an ATV 4 Wheeler

by Norah Faith

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are high-powered motorized vehicles that are equipped with special low-pressure tires for riding on rugged landscapes in snow-covered, desert or rocky regions. There are two-wheeler ATVS four-wheelers, which offer a more stable ride. Registration of a new ATV with the respective state Department of Motor Vehicles is mandatory for driving on public property, and a lapse of registration will lead to penalties.

Find a dealer registered with the state DMV. Ensure he has a license issued by the DMV authorizing him to sell and register ATVs in that state. In states like New York, authorized dealers have to register the vehicle prior to delivery. In other states like California owners can register their vehicles after they take delivery.

Find an authorized ATV vehicle-verification authority in your city. Employ this third party for vehicle verification and inspection. Cooperate with them to complete the vehicle verification form and pay the quoted fees.

Fill in, sign and hand over a registration application form with registration fees and dealer's fees to the authorized dealer. In addition, provide the dealer with the vehicle verification form from the vehicle-verification authority. Work with the dealer in filling out the bill of sale with the date of purchase, name and address of the dealer and purchaser and signature of the dealer as ownership proof. The dealer will submit the dealer's sales report and the ATV manufacturer's certificate of origin in order to obtain a registration.

The dealer will collect the pocket-sized registration certificate, license-plate and ATV decal-sticker issued by the DMV and mail it to you. The issue time is 10 business days from date of application. Ensure the registration certificate displays the vehicle-identification-number, owner name and address besides other information. Keep the registration card in your vehicle or wallet to present to the police if necessary. Attach the plate at the vehicle's back and glue the sticker to the plate.

Register the ATV yourself if you have bought the ATV from an out-of state dealer or if you have opted not to route the registration through the authorized dealer, by turning in the dealer issued statement-of-facts to the DMV. You will also need to provide your identification in addition to the completed nd signed registration application form, vehicle verification form, bill of sale with date of purchase, name, signature and address of the dealer as well as your name and address. In addition, submit the dealer's sales report and the ATV manufacturer's certificate of origin documents to the DMV office with registration fees. Do this in person or via the mail.


  • check You can obtain registration application forms from the dealer or from your state's motor vehicle office. You can also download forms from the state-DMV website.


  • close When registering a new ATV yourself, failing to submit required documents and fees to the DMV within the legal time limit will cause the dealer to be fined, and which the dealer may in turn charge to you.

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