How to Rebuild the Engine on a Yamaha Golf Cart

by Lindsay Howell

Just like cars and motorcycles, Yamaha golf cart engines break down after extensive use. An engine rebuild kit is available for Yamaha golf carts, allowing you to replace the parts that need replacing when the engine fails. To make sure every part you remove goes back in the right place, photograph each step of the engine deconstruction process

Step 1

Obtain the Yamaha engine rebuild kit specifically designed for your model of golf cart. Use the model number on the manual to purchase the right rebuild kit.

Step 2

Drain the oil out of the engine. Find the drain plug underneath the engine and drain the oil into a drain pan.

Step 3

Strip the engine down to its basic components. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the bolts and a screwdriver to remove the screws. Take photos of the deconstruction of the engine with a digital camera. This will help you put the engine back together. Start by unscrewing the top portion which consists of the air filter, carburetor and the pieces around them. Unscrew the valves and the fuel pump next. Afterward, disconnect the rest of the engine pieces, including the crankshaft with the connecting rod.

Step 4

Examine every part. Look for any kind of dent or crack. One of the most common problems is caused by a lack of oil. When oil is not lubricating the engine, the engine begins to heat up and eventually breaks down from overheating. Check the connecting rod thoroughly. See if there is a metallic buildup on the rod where it connects to the crankshaft. This is called aluminum transfer and is the cause of many engine failures.

Step 5

Clean the remaining engine parts with engine degreaser to increase their life.

Step 6

Replace the old pieces of the Yamaha golf cart with the new ones in the engine-rebuild kit. These pieces are the piston and its rings, the valves, carburetor parts, gaskets and the bearing and seals that are located around these pieces. Follow the instructions that come with the rebuild kit exactly.

Step 7

Connect all of the parts using the instructions provided in the engine-rebuild kit. Read every direction carefully so that you do not miss a step or leave out any part. Use the pictures that you took when disconnecting the engine to help put the engine back together.

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