How to Read the Oil Dipstick in a Honda Accord

by Editorial Team

Checking your oil on a regular basis keeps your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. A low supply of oil can ruin an engine and having too much oil is detrimental as well. Many experts recommend that you check your oil levels each time you fuel up the car. The Honda Accord uses marks on its dipstick to help owners check their oil levels with ease.

Step 1

Park your Honda Accord on a level surface then open the hood by pulling the hood release. You want to avoid waiting too long after the engine is shut off because the oil needs to be warm for accurate readings.

Step 2

Look for the engine oil dipstick. It has an easy-to-grab handle orange handle/loop.

Step 3

Wrap your fingers around the handle at the top of the stick and gently pull the Honda Accord dipstick out of its sheath. Use a rag or tissue to wipe it clean.

Step 4

Notice the marks on the dipstick. These mark the safety zone for the safe running of your engine.

Step 5

Slip the dipstick back into the sheath and pull it right out to get a clear reading. Look at the oil level on the dipstick without wiping it off.

Step 6

Check to make sure you are in the marking range with the dipstick pointing down. If it's over the top, you need to drain some oil out; if it's below the marks, you need to add oil and re-check until the oil level lies within range.

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