RAV4 Troubleshooting & Common Problems

by Andrea Stein
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Introduced in 1994, the Toyota RAV4 is a crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by Toyota. The Toyota RAV4 suffers from some common operational problems often resolved by troubleshooting.

Bad Window Seals

The rubber seals on the bottom edge of the car door window frames, designed to keep out air, rain and other environmental elements, can crack due to premature wear and break apart on the RAV4. Inspect for broken seal pieces, remove them along with the remaining old seal with a pair of pliers and attach the new seal using a replacement window seal kit.

Vent Valve Failure

The vent valves in a RAV4 can clog and experience electrical failure due to pellet accumulation from the evaporative system canisters. Vent valve failure, often indicated by a troubleshooting code, such as P0446, can be resolved by replacing the valves and canisters.

Bad Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor in a RAV4, responsible for measuring the level of oxygen present in the air-fuel combustion mixture, can fail, resulting in poor engine performance and increased emissions. Test the oxygen sensor with a digital voltmeter to ensure the proper voltage. If voltage remains lower than manufacturer specifications for your RAV4, replace the oxygen sensor.

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